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Show Overview

The show is between 30-60 minutes long. So far all guests have averaged 60 minutes. The show is Pre-recorded but streamed LIVE on our Facebook Page at a later date

Show Overview

● Guest Introduction
● Guest Welcome
● Leading Question
● Guest Led Interview (you share what you want, we follow along)
● Before My Last Question (promote everything you want & where to find you)
● Last Question (Give us and action step to take for the following week based on your TOPIC)
● Guest Thank You
● Show Outro




Please make sure you have set ZOOM up
Make sure you know how to connect your correct audio source
Make sure you know how to connect to your correct video source
Make sure you know how to MUTE and UNMUTE in ZOOM
Please be ready with your promotional details to share at the end of the show when asked


Please set yourself up to have light in front of you
● Please do no have light behind you, including windows (windows with closed blinds are
● You will need to have your face framed with enough space above your head as we will
be cropping the frame.
● Please have earbuds/headphones or microphone for better sound quality. Using your
laptop/computer speaker causes an echo that makes it hard to hear you, and is not acceptable on this show.

Please minimize all interruptions.
● We will commence the Show with a clap.
● If during the show you need to stop, please hold a smile and then hold your hand up and
we will pause the recording.
● Your show is recorded in advance. The intro to the show will be recorded between a
week or a couple of days before your show goes live. Because of this, when we record
the show will start simply as : “Today, my guest is….” This is followed by a generous
introduction, and then you will be on the screen. We will Welcome you and then you will
be given a leading question to jump into the conversation.
● The conversation is organic. It’s more you just sharing what you want to share and
Tanya will be asking adding to what you say, clarifying things you say and/or asking
questions as they arise.

When the show is about to wrap up, she will say “Before my last question, please tell
everyone where they can find you and what you have for them today”. At this time you
may promote all the things you have going on, as well as any promotional offers or
● You do not need to “spell out” anything, we will edit in names of things you reference or
mention such as your name or website address.
● You will be asked “For my last question, what can we do THIS week to create our best
life through [Your Topic]? Please explain the challenge, tip, practice in detail.
● After this section, you will be thanked for being on the show and Tanya will begin the
OUTRO for the show.
● The final line of the show is “I’m Tanya MFK, see you next time” We will hold a smile,
and then she will clap to signify the end of the recording.


The show will be streamed LIVE at 1pm EST on a Monday. (exact date listed on Show Roster)

Please go the the My Designed Life Show Facebook page at 1pm EST and share the
LIVE show by clicking the “SHARE” button below the LIVE video.
● You can “host a watch party” to get more attention to the show


You will be given a promotional show image that is optional to share
● You will be given a copy of the Instagram Stories we will use on the day of your show
● We will post about you and tag you for 5 days after the show. Please interact with the
posts as much as you can by commenting and or responding to other comments.

You will be added to our mailing list.
● We send an email to our list with the show Replay and your giveaway, please feel free to share URL of the email with your audience.
● You will be emailed links for the Facebook LIVE video, the Youtube link, and the
Soundcloud Podcast link to share with your audience.

Episode Notes