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Hi [Partner Name],

I really enjoyed our conversation the other day and look forward to working with you! This is your confirmation email for our promo together 🙂

Awesome! – We are BOOKED for [Day of week] [day/month] @ [Time] PST / [Time] EST

-Promoting our free Joint Venture training to your audience. 

Partners typically mail 2-3 times promoting webinar registration, and mail the replay the day after to their entire list.  The replay is up for five days until cart closes.

Planned mailing dates are:

1. [Day of week] [day/month] – Webinar registration email (optional)

2. [Day of week] [day/month]  – Webinar registration email

3. [Day of week] [day/month]  – Webinar registration email 

**Live Webinar [Day of week]**

4. [Day of week] [day/month] –  Webinar Replay mail with offer endorsement (whole list)


  • SAT, month/day – Webinar registration email (Optional)
  • MON, month/day – Webinar registration email
  • WED, month/day – Webinar registration email
  • **Live Webinar THURS**
  • FRI, month/day – Webinar Replay

Our team will provide the swipe at least two weeks before along with your complete JV kit, links and affiliate center login.  We want to make this as simple for you as possible and are hosting the webinar on our end so all you really need to do is mail your audience and introduce me at the top of the live webinar and chime in with your thoughts after the offer is made (after the training).

Let’s also schedule a debrief for after the promotion to analyze what went well, what could be improved, discuss our evergreen strategy, and deliver some introductions for each other.  Feel free to book using [Link to your booking tool if you have one]

Lastly, I have a few questions for you…

  • What email autoresponder do you use?
  • Is there anyone on your team that should be copied when we send the swipe?
  • Regarding the branding – should the webinar be promoted under your company name vs. you personally?
  • Is there a bonus you’d like to offer your buyers?  We find this really improves conversions 🙂

I’m excited to be working with you on this!  Have a great day!


[Your Name]


Your Winning Promo Plan

This site should have everything you need to earn additional income through our LinkedSelling Rocket Launch Program. We’ve included promo resources and marketing collateral below, but first you need to map out “Your Winning Promo Plan.”

Here’s what we suggest to crush your promotion:

Email Your List 3-4 Times To Registration Page

The best way to promote the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch to your audience is to email them and endorse the training. Your tribe will love you for it. We have templates you can use below. 

Post On Social Media Multiple Times

This workshop is an automated webinar that runs multiple times each week. So post the registration link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. every day for 4 days. 

Run Facebook or LinkedIn Ads

This is one of our top converting offers we have ever put out there for JV promotion. You can confidently run ads and expect a strong ROI. 

Social Media Post Templates

Here are some great post you can use to announce your podcast, just copy each post to your favorite social media post and start driving more listeners.

Social Media Post 1
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If you’ve worked with me in the past, you know {GUEST TAGLINE}.

That’s why I was so excited when {SHOW HOST} of the {SHOW NAME} {SHOW TYPE} asked me to be a guest. What is {SHOW NAME}?

This {SHOW FREQUENCY} {SHOW TYPE} hosted by {SHOW HOST} for {SHOW AUDIENCE} that {SHOW TAGLINE}. The {SHOW TYPE} is now live. Here’s what you need to know to check it out. View on Apple Podcasts: {EPISODE ITUNES}

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to know your thoughts.

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Here's my show note footer

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Social Media Post 2
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Here's my show note footer

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Social Media Post 3
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Here's my show note footer

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Promotional Graphics

” link=”file” size=medium]

Email Swipe Copy

We suggest sending 3-4 emails to promote the L.E.A.D. Blueprint workshop for best results. Use the emails below as inspiration, or simply plug them in your CRM as is.

=========== Subj Heads up ~Contact.FirstName~ High Ticket Appointments...without spending a dime on ads L.E.A.D Blueprint Workshop, just for you Mark your calendar... =========== ​ Something big is happening and you need to be apart of it, ~Contact.FirstName~... If you want to grow a REAL business by building relationship with your top prospects... Then you need to join LinkedSelling President, Ben Kniffen for their training on, “The L.E.A.D. Blueprint Workshop: An Insider’s Look at The System a Small Group of High-Growth Businesses Are Using to Get High-Ticket Appointments and Clients at Will...without spending a dime on ads!” that are providing HUGE ROI for their clients. Registration details here. ​ Every strategy that they’ll be covering during the training is the absolute latest and greatest that they have to offer. Seriously top-level stuff. Don’t miss it, SIGNATURE
” link=”file”]
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