Podcast Description:

Make Headway is a podcast which will help you clear the clouds, calm your nerves, and enable you with a sense of direction to move you forward on your podcast journey.

Starting a podcast should not be difficult, and if you’re trying to do it – you’ll notice that there are loads of people out there that are claiming that they’ll show you how to start a podcast, but chances are they’re trying to sell you something. They also make it confusing with all kinds of technical jargon, and they don’t really guide you through the critical initial steps to start you on your podcasting journey. In fact, a lot of podcasters fade away after only a few episodes because they had never really considered or worked through these core principles (or what I like to call secrets) when they started.

We discuss and simplify all of those strategies on this podcast.

On this podcast you’ll not only acquire the key elements to your successful podcast, but you’ll get a tactical roadmap that will have you confidently podcasting like a pro in just a few weeks. So go ahead & click the subscribe or follow button, push play, and let’s get you going.

I cannot wait for the world to hear your story.

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