Embody Your Star

Creating a Cohesive Cosmology in an age of Reflexive Reductionism

Podcast Description:

A cohesive cosmology that unites us, heals us, and advances us is the pathway to healing in an age of reflexive reductionism. The lack of a cohesive cosmology is the foundation of all the ills of our time. People have not questioned the scientific method since Descartes declared thinking was the sum total of reason and split the divine from the mundane world. Melanie Weller guides leaders and experts to fine tune their genius and embody next level wellness.

Audience and Core Topics

flow state, health, genius, embodiment, mind body medicine,

Guests Wanted

Providers and thought leaders with disruptive and expanding practices and ideas. Good candidates include, but are not limited to those specializing in functional medicine, integrative medicine, lifestyle medicine, narrative medicine, alternative medicine, mind body medicine.




Melanie Weller