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What to Expect

The Launch Promotion​

Evergreen Masterclass

This promotion is centered around an evergreen masterclass that shares valuable information on how to make money podcasting and closes with a free trial offer.

Free 14 Day Trial of Castocity

The trial includes 14 days of unlimited access to Castocity, with Founder pricing of over 65% off list price and over $5K in bonuses.

We suggest sending your audience to the Masterclass first, but you may, in some circumstances, mail directly to the trial.

3 Surefire Ways to Make Money Podcasting So You Can Grow Your Audience, Income and Impact

How tap into the tap into the tremendous growth of podcasting to market and monetize your podcast on autopilot … without spending any time, effort or money.

The Masterclass

  • Evergreen Masterclass

    Sending you audience to this Masterclass is the best way to promote Castocity. The training will warm your referral up, share valuable information and provide a clear picture of the Castocity offer.

  • Dates & Times:

    Every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 1pm CST

  • Presenter

    Tony Guarnaccia, Castocity Founder

Trial Offer Details

  • 14 Day Free Trial Offer

    14 days of unlimited access to Castocity Market and Monetize with unlimited support.

  • Pricing

    Founder Pricing at $97/Mo with over 65% off list price. No Risk, Cancel Anytime

  • Bonuses

    Total Value $5,667 with a test drive Castocity

Offer Details

Castocity helps Hosts make money from their podcast and quickly grow their audience while saving time, effort and money.

Core Offer
(Available During Trial):
Castocity Market and Monetize
Always Free with Castocity:
  • Castocity License - FREE

    Full Access to the Castocity Software and Support for 14 Days

  • Podcast Promotion Templates - $497 value

    Promote your podcast with dozens of Social Media, Email and Show Note templates

  • Joint Venture Offer Directory - $997 value

    Access our private directory of high converting Joint Venture offers from your industry

  • Sponsorship Sales Kit - $497 value

    Get the email and sales scripts we use to land profitable sponsorships

  • Automated Sponsorship Funnel - $997 value

    Get sponsors without having to do any sales or marketing when guests sponsor your show

  • Sponsor Management Platform - $1,497 value

    Easily fulfill every step of the sponsorship process, from production to promotion

  • Podcast Profit Club - $1,182 value

    Get advice from top experts in Joint Ventures, Sales, Marketing, Sponsorships and more

How To Promote

Promoting Castocity is quick, easy and profitable

You Spread The Word

Share your affiliate link to register for the workshop with clients, email your list, post on social media, write blog posts, create videos, or even run advertising campaigns.


They Register For The Workshop

When someone clicks your link (and ideally signs up for the workshop) they will be cookied for 90 days. Meaning that even if they do not become a client right away, they will still be attributed to your affiliate account.


They Signup for the Castocity Trial

At the end of the workshop (and in follow up emails) we will offer a free Trial of Castocity 


They Buy. You Get Paid.

If they Subscribe to a Castocity Premium by the end of their Trial you will receive an affiliate commission.


What to Expect

Your Winning Promo Plan​

Here's how to crush your promotion:

This site has everything you need to earn additional income through the Castocity Partner Program. Here are the steps to take:

Inventory Your Audience

Inventory your email list, social media followers, clients, etc.

Get Your Swipe Copy & Links

We included everything you need down below

Email Your List 3-4 Times To Register

The best way to promote the Castocity to your audience is to email them and endorse the masterclass training. Your tribe will love you for it. We have templates you can use below.

Post On Social Media Multiple Times

This workshop is an automated webinar that runs multiple times each week. So post the registration link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. every day for 4 days.

Run Facebook or LinkedIn Ads

Social Media advertising converts and is the best way to expand your reach. We have included social media templates and graphics below.

Promo Resources & Marketing Collateral​

You can find all of your email swipe copy, graphics, and promo materials below.

Swipe Copy

Email and social media templates to use if you would like

Affiliate Links

Your unique Affiliate Links (so we can track your opt-ins & sales)

Graphics and Video

Graphics and Videos that you can post to social media and your website

Swipe Copy

We suggest sending 3-4 emails to promote the masterclass training and/or a free test-drive of Castocity. Feel free to use exactly what we’ve provided or simply use them as inspiration for your own copy!

How to podcast profitably on autopilot (this WORKS!)
No one is making money this way – take a look
Dial in your podcast profits – important
Must-watch training: podcast profits on autopilot
How the top podcasters make money – on autopilot
NEW: Market & Monetize Your Podcast on autopilot
For ~Contact.FirstName~ – make money with podcasting
Use Your Podcast to make money ~Contact.FirstName~? Try this…

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

If you’re a podcaster, then how to make money pocasting is probably on your mind a lot.

If it is… you might enjoy this training about the fastest way to profit from your podcast without  spending any time, effort or money.

[Get the details here.]

When I saw what my friend Tony Guarnaccia (CEO of Castocity) is doing everything just CLICKED for me.

Because there is no SINGLE way to make money podcasting. We can agree on that.

But the surefire way to grow your audience, income and impact of your podcast is to make it – PROFITABLE

Some people brag that they get “X” number of downloads… but are listeners buying anything? Can they attract sponsors? Will having more downloads translate into more income?

If you can answer YES to the questions above, then podcasting is profitable. That’s the type of podcast you want.

Otherwise… you’re spending more and more time, but showing little rewards for all your effort (and may even call it quits)…

Plus… when you are losing money, it’s hard to build any momentum.

Which means the opportunity to grow your audience, your income and your impact…

All that decreases.

A profitable podcast fixes all that. The question is… how to do it quickly, without having a huge audience or being a sales or marketing influencer.

Now, Tony normally charges $997 for this training, but he’s created an on-demand version and is letting me pass it on to you so you can watch it when you have a few minutes. (Thank you Tony!)

PLEASE take notice – this does not come around everyday. It’s a special training called:

3 Surefire Ways to Make Money Podcasting So You Can
Grow Your Audience, Income and Impact

 How tap into the tap into the tremendous growth of podcasting to market and monetize your podcast on autopilot … without spending any time, effort or money.

I’ve been through it already and am confident that it will radically change the direction of 2021 for you and set you up to make more money podcasting every single month.

[Click here to watch it.]

Talk soon,


Automate your income with Podcast Profits
Make more money with your podcast – free training.
New: Before you record another podcast episode, watch this
Biggest lesson of 2021 so far: podcasting to profits
Best of podcast marketing and monetization for 2021
How does your podcast compare?
Here’s why I’m not worried about getting podcast listeners anymore
How one guy makes money podcasting – practically on autopilot

Hello ~Contact.FirstName~,

I’ve got something for you that could radically change the direction of 2021 for you. Use it right and it’ll set you up to make more money podcasting every single month – practically hands off.

It’s an on-demand version of a training that Tony Guarnaccia, CEO of Castocity has waived the $997 fee for and made available to you at no charge. (Just because you’re a part of my community.) Introducing:

3 Surefire Ways to Make Money Podcasting So You Can
Grow Your Audience, Income and Impact

How tap into the tap into the tremendous growth of podcasting to market and monetize your podcast on autopilot … without spending any time, effort or money.

Get started here NOW, while it’s available.

I’ve checked it out already and if you implement what you learn it makes marketing and monetizing your podcast…

  • 98% easier,
  • Less time-consuming,
  • And less stressful.

Not to mention, it’ll make you more money consistently.

Profitable Podcasting using an step-by-step playbook to grow the audience, income and impact of your podcast while saving you time and money? If you’re like me, you could use this.

[Watch the training here.]

Talk soon,


This is the best training I’ve seen in long time
Thinking about you
Thought you should see this
This is pretty cool
Want to do this with me?
I hope all is well

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~!

I just came across a training from Tony Guarnaccia on how to automate the marketing and monetization of your podcast and I was blown away with his system.

Since I know you’re always looking for more efficient ways to grow the audience, income and impact of your podcast, I figured you might be interested in it as well.

[You can check out the details here]

(The video on the confirmation page really does a great job of breaking down what he covers on the training so be sure to watch that if you have time)

I hope all is well!


Automate your Podcast Marketing (with free traffic)
You’re invited! Learn how to Market and Monetize Your Podcast (on autopilot)
I’m partnering with Tony Guarnaccia & Castocity
What my new partner did for you
Idea for making money podcasting – check this out
Invite for ~Contact.FirstName~
Podcast Profits in 2021 (may not be what you think)
Generate podcast income with this

Big news ~Contact.FirstName~!

I’ve partnered with Tony Guarnaccia, founder of Castocity, a software platform that helps podcasters to generate more income, to share with you a revolutionary new automated system to market and monetize your podcast.

I think you are going to LOVE it.

You can get the full details and sign up here.

Podcast listenership is exploding!

And in this masterclass you learn how to take advantage of it in order to grow the audience, income and impact of your podcast.

The training is all about:

3 Surefire Ways to Make Money Podcasting So You Can
Grow Your Audience, Income and Impact

 How tap into the tap into the tremendous growth of podcasting to market and monetize your podcast on autopilot … without spending any time, effort or money.

[Click here to register your spot now.]

Not only will you learn how to generate income from your podcast with a step-by-step playbook, you’ll also learn how to…

  • Automate your podcast marketing and effortlessly grow your audience at no cost
  • Get sponsors even if you don’t have many listeners
  • Build trust and sincere relationships with your podcast guests (that lead to future sales)
  • Quickly generate your first 5 sales from your podcast so that you are instantly profitable
  • Make social media promotion less time consuming and stressful
  • And much more!

See you there!


Best offer I’ve seen in YEARS
Test-drive offer
Get all of this at no cost?
My favorite tool of 2021
Best podcast tool on the market (no cost for 14 days)
Time sensitive
~Contact.FirstName~ you need to see this…

I LOVE this…

For a limited time, Tony Guarnaccia is letting YOU try out his Castocity podcast monetization platform for free for 14-days…

…AND giving you a 65% discount for life when you stay on after your test-drive

…AND preloading YOUR account with dozens of podcast promotion templates that you can quickly edit and plug into your social media and email campaigns

…AND giving you 6 MONTHS access to the Podcast Profit Club (His “Podcast Monetization Mastery” mastermind is worth $12k a year by itself…he’s crazy for doing this, but it’s your gain.)

…AND including live email support so you can get help using the tool AND get feedback on strategy

…AND including private access to the Podcast Guest Directory of High Converting Offers (so that you can immediately start making from your podcast even if you don’t have your own product or service just by booking Guest Interviews within your industry)

…AND giving you his complete Sponsorship Tool Kit including his proven Sponsorship Emails and Sales Scripts, Guest Sponsorship Automated Sales Funnel (so you don’t even have to sell anything) and Step-by-Step Sponsor Management Platform (so that’s it’s pain by numbers easy to fulfil Sponsorships)

This is a pretty insane offer for $0 right now. 

I’m recommending all of my clients jump on this because it truly is a revolutionary system and will be THE thing to get your podcast to the next level.

[Create your free account here]

I’ve already been implementing it and I am LOVING what I am seeing.

Just know that this offer will expire very soon but as long as that page is live the offer is valid.

So if you are looking for a better way to grow your audience, income and impact of your podcast then stop what you are doing and create your account now!



Important message for ~Contact.FirstName~
~Contact.FirstName~, this relates to you
Were you aware of this ~Contact.FirstName~?
Why I’m sharing this now ~Contact.FirstName~
~Contact.FirstName~, you deserve better
The big difference with Castocity

So this is pretty cool, ~Contact.FirstName~…

Tony Guarnaccia has given me permission to offer a limited number of “test-drive” licenses to his podcast monetization platform, Castocity, to my friends and clients so they can try it out for 14-days at no cost.

I just got done testing it for myself, and at this point, I feel very comfortable in HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that you take advantage of their launch offer TONIGHT so you can lock in your 65% lifetime savings if you decide to stick with it.

>>> You can take a look at the offer and create your account here

I’ll tell you why I’m recommending Castocity, ~Contact.FirstName~.

I believe that the best tools share 3 important characteristics – they’re simple, don’t take a ton of time to use and generate results quickly.

Castocity is one of those tools.

It’s really, really simple to use – they’ve done everything possible to take the technical complexity out marketing your podcast through social media and email marketing automation, which I really appreciate.

It has pre-built campaigns and templates – not just the frameworks of campaigns and funnels, but the whole thing all stitched together with all of the automations already set, campaigns already in place, etc. All you have to do is go in and edit. A major timesaver.

It has all of the features to monetize your podcast immediately – funnels, email system, sponsorship landing pages, affiliate offers, shopping cart, scheduling, guest management, etc – it’s all in one connected system so you can be up and running in an hour or so. Crazy!

But this is so much more than a podcasting tool. Ultimately… Castocity will give you an automated marketing & monetization system that is set up the RIGHT way to… 

  • Generate more sales from your podcast
  • Create joint venture and affiliate income
  • Grow your podcast listeners
  • Develop guest relationships (that lead to sales)
  • Get sponsors for your show
  • Save you time, effort and money
  • And a whole lot more…

The applications are pretty much endless but here’s the bottom line…

…if you want to make money podcasting…

…and you want to grow the audience, income and impact of your podcast…

Then this is for you.

You can create your account here

I’m really excited to see what the future holds for you!


 P.S. By the way, if you don’t know Tony, he’s a widely recognized authority on business growth, marketing and AdTech. Tony has grown over 10,000 small businesses, a dozen Fortune 500 companies and managed over $400 million in advertising.

His mission is to “Make Podcasting Profitable” by sharing the insights he’s learned working with the best companies in the world.


You’re in good hands.

Graphics & Video

Graphics to use for social media posts, blog banners, Facebook or LinkedIn Ads, etc. Really for anything that you need them for.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access tracking links directly from the Partner Portal. You will need to embed the links where indicated in the swipe files below. This is critical as it’s how your sales are tracked to you!

We pay you 40% commission on any Castocity member that purchases a lifetime subscription.

We pay out commission 2 months in arrears, through paypal.

You can use our free 2-week trial to test out the software before the launch. If you need help accessing, let us know at

There are two options for this evergreen webinar:

  1. Every weekday at 1pm CT
  2. A “just in time” version that happens every 15 min

Please reach out to us, via email at

Also, make sure you are in our FB group for partners to get the first look at updates!

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions, just email or contact Tony below
  • Founder | Castocity Software and Profitable Podcasting System
  • Awarded | 2009 Google Agency of Year
  • Experienced | Over $400 Million in Ad Spend with Google
  • Fortune 500 | Ford Motor Company, ADP, AutoNation, GM
  • >10,000+ |  Small Businesses across every industry B2B / B2C
  • Entrepreneur | Crystal Apple Award Best New Product