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W. Ian Walker is a baritone and entertaining singer, who also is an experiend broadcaster. Ian's story of overcoming ADHD, with vocal or choral music instead of being medicated, plus his 30 years in Arts Management career, chatting about the international artists that he has met or worked with, is a show in itself. You won't be disappointed to book Ian as your guest!


“In Stirring My Soul to Sing, Overcoming ADHD Through Song”, first-time Canadian author W. Ian Walker tells his story of lifelong struggles with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and how he found relief by leaning into the music and his Christian faith during his successful 30-year career in music and the arts. Walker’s book continues to grow in distribution and is listed on 43 international bookseller websites and stores.
In this gritty and moving autobiography published in 2018, Walker offers “hope” for families and individuals facing an ADHD diagnosis. Walker is a classically trained musician and arts manager. He shares stories about how music (with an emphasis on vocal and choral music) brought him joy, success and fulfilment in a life that was marked by a constant battle with ADHD. Walker credits his musical experiences and profoundly personal faith with mitigating and overcoming the potentially devastating impact of the disorder.

He explains how, for 35 years, he used vocal and choral music to help him stay focused, achieve goals, and meet deadlines, in conjunction with his ADHD.

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ADHD awareness, Overcoming ADHD through Vocal or Choral Music, ADHD as an artform, Maintaining an 30 year arts career dealing with ADHD

Suggested QUESTIONS:

Ian, when did you discover that music was a healer for your ADHD?

Can you give us an overview of your book, and how you like to talk about on your podcast, vocal and choral music became your music therapy, instead of being medicated with ADHD?

Your book has become an international best-seller, I understand that you have developed a stage play from some of the characters and events from the book. Can you tell us more about these developments?

What is the focus of your podcast and what types of guest do you have on your show?

What is your opinion of how ADHD is accepted now in society or talking in general about mental health awareness?