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My goal is to transform the lives and impact the worlds of eleven million people. After decades of my own struggles starting at five years old without support, I'm done seeing people struggle without the support and guidance they need to overcome their struggles and take back their control to no longer let their struggles dictate their life. My passion is helping others because I believe that those who've walked the road know what's it's like. I give my listeners the knowledge and action steps to help overcome their struggles when nothing else has worked (just like how I overcame my struggles). As a bit of a twist I like to weave my environmental science background into my discussions because what happens "out there" in the real world can be found within us.


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Ray Bourcier – Stay-at-home father, husband, author, podcaster

A college and university environmental science graduate, Ray grew up in a toxic family and a toxic situation in Northern Ontario, Canada. As a result, he experienced the first of many PTSD events at age five, which would begin his nearly three-decade struggle with anxiety and depression.

Spending most of his life in survival mode without support, he eventually discovered and developed ways to overcome his struggles when nothing else worked.

With a passion for helping others, he made it his mission to help transform the lives and impact the worlds of eleven million people so they too can give their best to themselves, their loved ones, and their career.

An ancient Chinese proverb that Ray loves states, “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” Ray is on the road back to offer you the support you need every step on your journey so that you, too, will be on the same road back. Ray believes that only those who’ve walked that road can truly understand the struggles that you go through.

Together, we will become the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Together, we are unstoppable.

In his off time, you can find Ray spending time with his daughter, reading books, watching hockey, and contemplating whether pineapple belongs on pizza.

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