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Anaiis Salles

Everything is energy


With a unique approach to life, transformation and healing, I have GREAT STORIES to share. What your audience can learn from me is how to achieve escape velocity from a life full of fear so that they can land in the experience of feeling inspired, whole, loved, and powerful in any walk of life.


A Transformational Catalyst since 1991, Salles is a Healer, Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and world traveler. Salles offers accelerated conscious evolution through workshops, retreats, events and online courses and programs.

Energy healing techniques and methods that today are considered “standard” today and which have been mainstreamed were first introduced by Salles in the early 1990s. Since then, Salles’ has shared her transformational healing skills globally.

In 1991,Salles established an energy healing internship in collaboration with Moscow, Russia medical facilities: Sklifosovsky Institute and Moscow Institute of Diagnosis. Collaborating with Dr. Larissa Gerasimova and her medical team at the Sklifosovsky Institute, Salles ability to accelerate healing for critical burn patients through energy healing was medically verified. At Moscow Institute of Diagnosis, Salles collaborated with two clinical psychologists in accelerating healing and remission for children in treatment for Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Salles offers life-altering online, remote/distance, and in person private empowerment sessions which lead to powerful breakthroughs regarding physical challenges, body/mind/spirit issues, and personal development challenges which lead to transformation that goes far beyond temporary change.

Always on the cutting edge of energy healing and awakened consciousness, Salles’ always an innovator, has a holistic product line, SVR, a featured topical use product, has been validated to accelerate healing of antibiotic resistant skin infections.

A seasoned world traveler with thirty years of experience in her field, Salles has led healing internships, retreats, workshops, talks, and conference presentations in: Russia, England, Greece, Scotland, Germany, and Israel and throughout the United States

Salles has been a presenter on panels with Deepak Chopra, Norman Shealy, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Nicholai Kharisov, and the Dalai Lama’s physician. She has also presented at various holistic events.

Having fully recovered from Covid-19 using simple self-care and energy healing methods, Salles offers a Covid-19 immune system bioenergetics support program for Covid-19 Long Haulers which incorporates energy medicine to address symptoms that can’t be explained or resolved through traditional medicine.

Online/live hybrid courses: Wisdom Body, Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass, A.C.E. 3 Year Certification Course for Holistic Practitioners, Life Beyond Trauma Masterclasses, LIfe Beyond Trauma; Intergenerational Healing and Transformation 2 Day Event, The 5th Exception: Starfire Mastermind.

She is the author of Feather and Stone, poetry and The Living Spiral of Transformation; Discover the Hidden Powers in Your Divers, Unique DNA.

Past favorite professional experiences in other arenas include: Court reporting, Campaign staff for U.S. Senator, Marketing and Publicity Manager for Norton & Norton, Company, Inc., Live Theater and Stand Up Comedy, and design and manufacturing of high end children’s clothing.

Salles lives a very full and productive life and anticipates publication of her next book in 2022.

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