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Market and monetize your podcast so can start making money in less than 10 minutes

What's included


How to Quickly Grow Your Podcast Listeners without Spending Any Time, Effort or Money…

Grow your podcast followers with dynamically generated social media posts and graphics

Turn Listeners into Subscribers by automating your email

Get more podcast ratings and reviews automatically

Co-Market each podcast episode with the Guest Marketing Kit


The Fastest Way to Generate Sales from Your Podcast so that You Are Instantly Profitable…

Create Sales, Joint Venture and Affiliate income with Offers

Build and manage podcast relationships that lead to sales​

Auto-Syndicate Offers to Email, Social Media and Show Notes


How to Get Sponsors Jumping Through Hoops To Work With You Even if You Don’t Have Many Listeners…

It’s way easier to market my show and make money from my podcast.
Chris Hines
Personal Branding Playbook
  • Create sponsor packages in less than 5 minutes with the Sponsorship Wizard

  • Pitch prospective sponsors with step-by-step email templates and sales scripts

  • Sponsors view show information and purchase packages directly from your Sponsorship Page.

What Castocity will do for your podcast

How Castocity helps you automate your short-term wins

By Month
By Episode

Grow Listeners by 100 – 500 Per Month

Your Guests Co-Market Their Episode

Generate 1-5 Sales Each Month at $500

Sell Products, Services or Affiliate Offers

Get 1 – 4 Sponsor Each Month @ $100

Guests Sponsor Their Episode

Generate $600 - $2,900 Per month!

Grow Listeners by 100 – 500 Per Episode

Your Guests Co-Market Their Episode

Generate 1-5 Sales Each Episode at $500

Sell Products, Services or Affiliate Offers

Get 1 – 4 Sponsor Each Episode @ $100

Guests Sponsor Their Episode

Generate $2,400 - $18,000 Per month!

What to Expect

Make Money Podcasting

Castocity Founders Club

Join the FOUNDER's club for lifetime software discounts, VIP support, access to insider's information, early release and more!

Live Email Support

Real help from a real human on technical topics as well as podcast marketing and monetization strategy.

Free Onboarding Session

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Frequently Asked Questions

Castocity will give you an automated marketing & monetization system that is set up the RIGHT way to…

  • Generate more sales from your podcast
  • Create joint venture and affiliate income
  • Grow your podcast listeners
  • Develop guest relationships (that lead to sales)
  • Get sponsors for your show
  • Save you time, effort and money

Castocity is a complete podcast monetization platform designed to make you money so that you can grow the audience, income and impact of your podcast

Castocity is designed for those with no prior experience and based on the growth principles of the greatest organizations in the world. The platfom will you step-by-step through the entire process of marketing and monetizing your podcast whether you are just getting started, stuck or ready to scale.

Then you’ll love Castocity.

This platform was created to market and monetize your podcast without having to do any sales or marketing – because everything is automated.

A few reasons…

First, I didn’t wake up one day and decide to make podcasting profitable. I grew over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen Fortune 500 companies FIRST, over a 20-year period and THEN decided to share what I learned along the way.

Second, the functionality of the software is based on how the most successful podcasts grow listeners, sales and sponsorship revenue.

Third, Castoctiy will really help you grow your podcast audience, income and impact. My mission is to make podcasting profitable and I’m here to help you over the long term. That’s my promise to you.

This platform gives you all the training, templates, and support you need to be up and running in under an hour. After that, be prepared to aset aside about 5 to 10 minutes per episode.

Castocity is designed to generate results without spending much time, money or effort. While it helps to have listeners, a website and an email list, it’s definitely not required for success. The system works for podcasters at any stage of growth.

Most podcasters can become profitable almost instantly by getting their first sale or sponsorship. However, every podcast is different and your results may depend on your audience, guests and the product and services you promote.

All Castocity Founder’s Club members get our unconditional 30 Day “Better than No Risk“ Money Back Guarantee…

Sign up today and by the end of the 30 days you will KNOW whether or not this is the perfect fit for you and your podcast.  If it is, keep it and be grandfathered in at a significant discount.

If it’s not… cancel. No strings attached.

There’s no risk with this, unless you do nothing.

Castocity already integrates with the most popular podcating tools and is constantly expanding our list of partners. The platform was built based through the suggestions of top podcasters, producers, consultants, agencies and trainers within the industry to compliment your existing process, tools and systems.

You can certainly join at any time. The special Castocity Founders discount is only available for the first 100 people.

After the 100 Founder’s Club memberships are claimed, the price will jump to our regular subscription price.  The cost is the SAME as the launch prices for YEARLY subscriptions – by acting now you get a LIFETIME license!

This is the deal of a lifetime. Don’t be mad at me if you don’t get in on it 😉

There is NOTHING more important to us than making sure that our Castocity family gets the support and answers they need, so they can continue to keep growing their podcast audience, income and impact!

To get you started, we have a specially trained team ready to help! Our onboarding specialists will answer your questions right on the call. Simply click and schedule a call with one now!

We also have weekly webinars that take you step-by-step through the platform.

AND we include live email support so you can get help using the tool AND get feedback on strategy.

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